The Best Audi’s of Miami Beach

We have been following Audi for a number of years through the changes in the company. From the days of the square box like Audi’s to the slick and elite Audi R8.

Miami beach is an Audi haven. You can’t go one day without seeing a few Audi R8′s and you’ll never see the same one twice. Plus you will also see several of their other high end models driving the streets.

Here are a few snaps our photographer got the other weekend of some Audi R8′s in Miami Beach.

miami beach audi r8

r8 in miami beach

Here are a few more photo’s of Exotic Audi’s in Miami Beach. There are a lot more of these Audi’s and exotic cars in Miami beach as they are not as expensive. Audi is definitely very popular in Miami, that’s for sure!

audi 2


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