11 Jan 2019

The best driving courses for car lovers

Car Lovers
photo The best driving courses for car lovers

Are you passionate about cars and want to drive, would you prefer a race, antique or rally car? This article will help you find the best driving courses. Several organizations offer different options including courses of all kinds.

However the price is too high. Indeed, you must know that to drive your dream car, you must choose an organization that works with qualified instructors and obviously has several cars to suit your tastes. The ideal is to have a monitor who accompanies you during all your conduct to see your evolution.

Learn with professionals

Many driving courses are available; however, you should know that your investment in the course deserves that you master the driving regardless of the kind of car you drive. You can benefit from all the pedagogy thanks to the following that have been specially chosen for you:

  • Prestige car consulting: with private lessons on the circuit, you will learn the complete driving techniques for all sports cars, with intensive private lessons to learn quickly. If you have already bought your car, you can do assisted driving during which the coach will accompany you daily. The classes are alternated and depend entirely on the level of each learner.
  • The steering wheel control center: in addition to the complete driving techniques offered, it focuses on one principle: to become the master of one's vehicle, to know how to anticipate the unexpected and have the mastery of oneself. In addition, this center offers an intensive internship to master in a few hours the good reflexes of any motorist. The defensive stage allows the driver to know how to keep cool during a skid or a problematic situation. As they point out, "the gaze technique" is important. Various situations for simulation have been developed to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • RACB experience: Historic rallies have been famous for years. Rally and old cars can rhyme together and that's why apart from the performance courses and the driving weekend, you can learn by driving old rally cars. Be behind the wheel of a car without electronic systems. This experience will give you the opportunity to drive legendary cars while being safe.

Live a unique experience

With Abundance Circuit Ice, you have the unique chance to drive Porsche on an ice circuit. Driving knowledge is not only limited to everyday life, it is also measured on your techniques on other circumstances such as snow. It proposes a training course "taken in hand", of a duration of one hour and a half while learning the braking on slippery roads.

Then, there is the training "master" which lasts half a day to learn braking, driving on turn control of understeer and load transfers. This program is divided in two: understeer and oversteer exercises, call / counter-call exercises and laps.

Find the best cars

Once you master the driving, you can ride quietly without stress and without thinking too much. The good news is that you are going to take a liking and as a car enthusiast, you will surely need to test your heart.

Opodo offers you this chance by offering an affordable price to visit the countries that have the magnificent circuits and rare cars of the world. Opodo can also find you the best provider of rental cars or traditional cars, according to your tastes, for your trips during holidays or weekends.