16 Jan 2019

10 tips to prepare your car before the holidays

Travel by Car
photo 10 tips to prepare your car before the holidays

A car is precious especially if you plan to use it on your holiday. It plays an important role during your travels because if it breaks down, the atmosphere will be spoiled and tensions may rise. You will begin to blame each other while the journey is just the beginning. To avoid this, it must be in the best condition before you leave. It is not enough just to perform a test for the verification; that is why we suggest you to discover the ten important tips to know to better prepare your car.

The points not to neglect for everything to be all right during your holidays

A few tips to help you save more time for packing and be assured of having no problems with the car:

1. Check the technical inspection date: In order to avoid the contraventions, the date must be valid for at least two months covering your stay.

2. Check the condition of the shock tires: Your tires must be able to withstand heavy loads all the way. The control of the shock absorbers is important so that it responds to the reaction of your car.

3. Check the levels and the lights: It is important to check the oil, the windshield washer fluid, the coolant and the brake fluid. They must work correctly just like the headlights.

4. Double the keys: You may forget your keys inside the car or lose your keys. For this purpose, it is necessary to anticipate by preparing a double of the keys and keep them somewhere in your bag or in a safe place.

5. Make sure that the air conditioning works properly: If you are going to a country where the sun is hot, you need air conditioning that works well.

6. Check the condition of the windshield and the wiper blades: A windshield that does not have any traces of impacts or cracks is in good condition. If you have noticed a crack, it must be changed quickly. Your windshield wipers must also be able to withstand heavy rain.

7. Control your battery: You have to take into account the cold because your battery will not hold if it is not resistant as the cold decreases its intensity.

8. Control your brakes: If the pads are in poor condition, it may endanger the life of your family. A ride in a garage will be perfect in this case.

The documents and the trunk of the car to check

9- Checking the trunk of the car can measure the capacity of the car. Indeed, luggage often poses problems especially if you have a small car. A special attention to what you pack and how you do it would be better than renting a bigger car or taking only what is essential so as not to clutter the trunk. If the luggage is too bulky, it may hide the rear visibility. The weight of the luggage must not exceed the limit outlined in the registration card.

10- Then, the necessary papers must be prepared because it is especially during the holidays that the controls are rough. All documents must be complete and up-to-date before you leave. The insurance certificate is not to neglect as well as the blue card.

A worriless ride

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